Steve Aoki NFTs Avatars In Sandbox – Fans Are Excited !

NFT avatars of world-famous DJ Steve Aoki are coming to The Sandbox metaverse. They will be a collection of 3,333 pieces that depict Aoki, and each avatar will be a playable avatar inside The Sandbox unlocking unique functionalities and giving owners the possibility to earn SAND through playing.

Steve Aoki NFT Avatars

Steve-Aoki NFTs

The Steve Aoki NFT avatars are making their way to The Sandbox metaverse. Each of the 3,333 NFTs will be playable in the metaverse, and users can get different versions of Aoki which are different levels of rarity. The rarest is ‘Gold’, with only 2% of the NFTs, and the most common version is ‘human’, which takes up 35%.

Each Aoki avatar has been created by randomly generating 3,333 playable metaverse avatars. Over 100 hand-crafted traits, as well as several unique 1/1 designs, can be created!

The avatars will be mintable tomorrow, for those who are whitelisted. But, for the public sale, they will be available 48 hours after, on July 27th at 2 PM UTC. Each avatar will cost 100 $SAND, or around $134 USD, and users can mint anything from two to four NFTs depending on when they mint.

Steve Aoki

Steve Aoki is a well-known American DJ and record producer of Japanese origin. While in college, he established his own record label, ‘Dim Mak,’ which released music by bands such as ‘The Bloody Beetroots.’ He started his career with remixes, with the Los Angeles-based band called ‘Moving Units.’ His debut mix album, ‘Pillowface and His Airplane Chronicles,’ was featured on ‘Essential Mix,’ which was aired on ‘BBC Radio 1.’

He toured with different artists and put up shows across the US, Canada, China, and Japan, becoming famous for performing acrobatic stunts on stage. His debut solo album, ‘Wonderland,’ was nominated for the ‘Best Dance/Electronica Album’ at the ‘55th Annual Grammy Awards.’ He is married to Tiernan Cowling and runs his own clothing line, ‘The Dim Mak Collection.’ He is the founder of the ‘Steve Aoki Charitable Fund,’ which contributes to humanitarian relief and medical research.

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Of late, he has announced the release of his EP called ‘5OKI,’ which is a cross-genre project, featuring artists from around the world. He wishes to give back to the world what he has gained from it, and he believes music is one of the ways in which he can do his bit.

Aoki in the Metaverse

Steve Aoki is also a major fan of the metaverse as a whole. He performed a virtual concert as the special guest alongside Masked Wolf and Tigerlily in Decentraland this January.

Also, Aoki owns his own metaverse platform called ‘The A0K1VERSE’. People who are members of the platform have many privileges such as free tickets, free concerts, free gifts, advance access to nft concerts.

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