Steve Aoki and Greg Hildebrandt to Leave NFT to Solana

Steve Aoki is no stranger to the Metaverse. Shortly after the formation of the NFT collection ‘Dream Catcher’ in 2021 and now launching the NFT membership community A0K1VERSE, collaborating with Neon Future and Heavy Metal, Aoki is one of the most creative voices in the metaverse.

Continuing to cross borders and connect the physical and digital worlds, Aoki brings the physical to the digital. In May 2022, the creator of NFT graced the cover of the fantasy and science fiction magazine Heavy Metal. The collection brings together iconic Greg Hildebrandt artworks and characters from the critically acclaimed Neon Future comic published by Tom Bilyeu’s ‘Impact Theory’.

Neon Future x Heavy Metal NFT by Greg Hildebrandt


This highly anticipated NFT is Steve Aoki’s first collection to be released on Oddkey. NFTs featuring a limited edition of Heavy Metal Magazine’s May 2022 cover, illustrated by Greg Hildebrandt.

Speaking on the collaboration, Matthew Medney – CEO of Heavy Metal Magazine – had this to say:

“The blend of Heavy Metal & Neon Future through the lens of Greg Hildebrandt is nothing short of spectacular. Sprinkle in the iconic Todd McFarlane and his vision of art and we have something memorable for the fans. This collaboration touches on over 70 years of science fiction, fantasy & horror moments.” 

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Hildebrandt’s NFT project is a blockchain trading card game created in collaboration with the Artist Fund and Heavy Metal Magazine.

NFTs signed by Steve Aoki, Greg Hildebrandt and Tom Bilyeu

Among the 777-piece NFT collection will be 43 hand-drawn digital signatures by Aoki, 43 by Greg Hildebrandt, and 43 by Impact Theory founder Tom Bilyeu.

Get your Neon Future x Heavy Metal NFT on Oddkey Marketplace

This is Aoki’s first collection to land on Oddkey, the Solana-based marketplace. Launched in 2021 by Aoki and Todd McFarlane (creator of both Venom and Spawn), Oddkey has become the primary meeting place for creators and collectors of this pop culture. This Solana-based marketplace is a place where you can connect with other collectors, creators and get digital versions of comic book collections and sell your digital artwork for free.. 

Steve-Aoki NFTs

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