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Paris Hilton to Build Virtual Malibu Mansion In Sandbox

Sandbox announced yesterday, Aug. 9, that it has collaborated with Entrepreneur, DJ, and Paris Hilton to create the virtual Malibu Mansion. In collaboration with Hilton’s company 11:11 Media, The Sandbox is moving to the metaverse. With this move, enthusiasts will get brand new things to add to the star.

The Sandbox  is all over the virtual Malibu Mansion

Paris Hilton is one of the first Web3 adopters and has been a huge supporter of NFTs, metaversions and Web3. Hilton’s virtual Malibu Mansion will help enthusiasts connect it to modern doors. Hilton will host social and community events including amazing social events in the virtual mansion. Also, he is planning a different Halloween event in LAND. Enthusiasts can expect 11 new Sandbox avatars that exemplify Paris Hilton’s diverse personality.

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“I am beyond delighted to improve Paris World further into the metaverse,” announced Paris Hilton. “In teamwork with my incredible colleague The Sandbox, my group is committed to creating an extraordinary real-life occasion for my fans.”


Presently, neither The Sandbox nor Paris Hilton have said any more features about the virtual Malibu Mansion.

Paris Hilton is the OG Crypto Queen

Paris Hilton was one of the first celebrities to take over the Web3 world. She started to benefit from crypto as quickly as 2016. Later in 2019, Hilton brought in his first NFT, which he traded for charity in March 2020. She surpassed that of “Best Charity NFT” at the NFT Awards ceremony.

In April of this year, Hilton introduced the NFT collection. One of them, dubbed the iconic Crypto Queen, went on to bring in $1.1 million at the time. Far from publishing his own NFTs, he is also an avid NFT collector.

Paris Hilton
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