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NFT Thieves Exposed By Crypto Sleuth ZachXBT

The thieves behind an NFT phishing scam offering to revive NFTs have been found by crypto detective ZachXBT. The two prolific criminals are believed to have made over $2.5 million in profits from the scam since December 2021.

Anatomy of an NFT Scam

ZachXBT has arrested two people in their investigation into multiple NFT thefts since late last year. The crypto detective named the two people Mathys and Camile. The outcome of the ZachXBT research is the culmination of important research work, including the photographic evidence study. It seems that while the two thieves were successful in gaining the victims’ trust, they were less adept at hiding their tracks. Among the many tips, ZachXBT managed to leverage the Twitter accounts ZachXBT, @Rxktv and @mtsgtb. Shortly after ZachXBT’s findings were published, the accounts were no longer available to the public. “Someone disabled their Twitter and deleted their incriminating Tweet. “Regardless, all Tweets were saved offline before the article was published.

The Net Grows Tighter

Currently both Mathys and Camile continue to run away, but the net continues to tighten on the pair.

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According to Twitter user @Luchap2BTC, at least one in two thinks they went to “42”, a computer programming school in France. Evidence suggests that neither Mathys nor Camile were particularly skilled at making friends, as some former students stepped in to tell unpleasant stories about themselves. The school is now reviewing its records and advises anyone with more information to contact the authorities. Having completed his investigation for now, Zach XBT continued to draw conclusions.

 “Hopefully in the near future we will see some form of legal action taken against Mathys and Camille for the financial harm they have perpetrated on so many people.”

Judging by the reactions on social media, some sort of action seems likely.

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