Goblintown NFTs Drop 90% from ATH: WTF?

Popular Goblintown NFTs have seen a dramatic drop in price, with the base price dropping 90% from its ATH. This free Ethereum PFP project caught the attention of the NFT community and NFTs were wiped out almost instantly. Since then, Goblintown has announced a few additions and launched the McGoblin burger.


Goblintown NFTs are down almost 90% from their ATH.

The Goblintown NFT collection arrived midway through the bear market, offering some hope and a creative, fun project to participate in. The base price rose rapidly and was almost 2 ETH at the end of May. The Goblin-town project finally reached an ATH of around 8 ETH in June.

Goblintown utility?

One reason for the Goblin-town NFT’s drop in price may be what makes it so popular. The project doesn’t have an official Discord, utility, and roadmap – all they have is a website. Maybe this is one of the reasons why Goblin-town ATH has dropped by more than 90%.

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Finally, another factor to consider is the Steve Aoki curse. It’s a popular urban legend in the NFT community that buying NFT is more of a curse than a blessing. In June, we wrote about the curse and how Steve Aoki’s purchase of two Goblin-town NFTs could spell disaster for the new project. Months later, the curse seems to have taken effect.

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