Free to Mint NFTs – Craze of 2022

In such a period when the market is bleeding, people try many ways to reduce their losses. One of these ways is Free to Mint NFT. Although NFTs seem to have lost their popularity, people do not want to enter the next bull run without NFT in their hands. However, as you know, there are too many scam projects in the NFT industry, so people don’t want to risk their money. This article will be about free to mint NFT , the perfect solution to this situation, where you can get valuable NFTs just by paying the gas fee, with almost 0 risk and you can sell it on Opensea

What is NFTs

Free To Mint
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NFT, the acronym for a non-fungible token, is a unit of data stored on a digital ledger called a blockchain that certifies a digital asset to be unique and therefore not interchangeable. NFTs can be used to represent items such as photos, videos, drawings, audio, artworks, tweets, animated GIFs, songs, games and other types of digital files. No two NFTs are alike , they have their own unique features and rarities , people value these NFTs according to this rarity and feature . It is very important who or by whom this NFT was created, as well as its rarity.

Why Are NFTs Important ?

When they first came out, NFTs were just traded, people wanted to make a profit. But that has changed, most NFT projects now give privileges to those who hold their NFT, trips, vacations, private discord channels, private telegram channels, yacht cruises, gifts, outfits, free concert tickets and more. In short, NFT have now started to affect our social environment, it has started to create a status difference, so it is important.

What is Minting and How We Can Mint NFT

When it comes to navigating NFTs, minting as a term may seem confusing because it refers both to a collection becoming part of the blockchain and to a collector buying an item from that collection for the first time. We will talk about second option. The second option works like this , Project owners allow early access to their NFT under certain conditions , we will not talk about these conditions in this article . To put it briefly, a price is determined for each NFT, then you connect your wallet to the project’s website and mint a random NFT.

Free To Mint NFTs

Free-to-mint NFT means transforming a digital file into a valuable digital asset while launching on the Ethereum blockchain. You only pay transaction fees on the network. The only important feature that distinguishes free to mint NFTs from other NFTs seems to be that we only pay gas fee while mints, also most free to mint NFTs do not have any discord or telegram channels, they only have twitter channels. We’ll see how things change in the future.

How We Can Mint The Free To Mint NFTs

There are two ways to mint :

1- Directly above the contract address via ETHscan, this way is much more complicated .

2- Via the websites of the projects. Option 2 is the simplest, but there are some precautions you should take before connecting your wallet to the project’s site to get Free to Mint NFT ;

  • Use a burner wallet to mint the NFTs. A burner wallet is separate from your main, permanent wallet and only stores a limited amount of funds. This way, even if the project turns out to be a scam, your valuable assets will remain safe. 
  • Keep your valuable assets in a hardware wallet and never use it to mint!
  • Learn the basics of NFT smart contracts so that you can spot any malicious functions within a contract.
  • Finally, do your due diligence before taking the leap. Don’t click any suspicious and unverified links. Lastly, always double-check before connecting your wallet to any site.

Where Can We Find the Free to Mint NFTs

  • search “free mint” on Twitter and you’ll find some bots that specialize in listing free mints
  • follow anyone and everyone in the NFT space (esp. NFT whales) on Twitter, as these sets will often mint out when notable collectors decide to get on board;
  • Or you can take advantage of NFT listing pages. Because such websites always consider the safety of their users, so let them do the research for you.

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