Falling Man NFT and Huge Angry From Society

Gamestop and Falling Man

A recent nonfungible token (NFT) listing on Gamestop’s marketplace became the center of controversy in the NFT world. The listing received heavy backlash from the community prompting the marketplace to take action within a day, showing how a community can come together to reverse the wrong.

The NFT in question, titled “Falling Man,” showed a man in a space suit falling downwards. The NFT in question had quite a resemblance to the infamous 9/11 photo of a man falling to his death that since has become a defining moment of the deadly attacks. Many believed the NFT was mimicking the 9/11 victim and also infringed on the copyright of the image taken by original photojournalist Richard Drew.

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After these events, gamestop banned nft and its creator from the platform


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The crypto community demanded Gamestop to do better due diligence before approving any artform to its marketplace, where one user wrote:

It’s still not enough how do you even allow this it’s disgusting there needs to be a review team that looks into each NFT for shit like this or stolen art.

While Gamestop faced judgment from the community, it proved that NFTs were seen as a way to make quick money, leading to unethical acts.

OpenSea, one of the most popular NFT marketplaces today, has the “Falling Man” as NFT up for sale for nearly two months.

Another immoral incident took place in January of this year. Another explanation came when Doctor tried to sell the X-ray of a human victim of the 2015 Paris terror attack as NFT. Doctor now facing disciplinary action

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