AlekGoat traded over $500,000 NFT this year: Shares how

Online NFT trading school founded by AlekGoat. Learning to trade NFT is a challenge. At first glance, there are lots of videos on YouTube, but they are a piece of the puzzle and it takes a lot of time to connect the dots. The solution is to join a training program. So, that’s exactly what ‘Goats Of NFT’ is all about.

Why did AlekGoat create this NFT Collection?

“I started to trade NFTs a few months before the Bored Apes appeared, which is considered a long time ago in the NFT world. And I managed to make every possible mistake a beginner can make”, says AlekGoat.

“Finally, after a year of learning I have developed my own method of trading that produces profits in almost 100% of cases. And I’ve decided to make an online course and a Discord community.”, he added.


What Are NFT Course Goats All About?

The online course consists of 40+ hours of instruction. In addition to explaining all the strategies, it also puts Alek in action, including trading mints, revealing, bidding, finding rare items, driving tools, etc. Includes. The community has more than 1000 members so far.


How can I make money with Goats Of NFT?

First, you’ll need to get in. Each day, members get exclusive access to various whitelists, some of which contain free mints. Plus, the group is filled with alpha summons that Alek has collected from elite alpha groups.

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“A normal return is around 2-3x, but there are cases where students make 5x or even 10x the profit per day,” Alek says.

How do I get involved?

Would you like to participate? The course fee is only $347, but you can apply for a 20% discount by using the ALEKGOAT coupon at the checkout.

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