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Zpheres Genesis


Ended: 12 Mar 2022 00:00

Holders of Zpheres Genesis will get 0.1% shares per NFT from all our mint sell profits. Imagine owning a share from a company! It’s amazing right!!! Our objective? To create our own metaverse where you can use your community NFT to explore the world. Owning your own plot of land, eventually integrating the Play to Earn mechanism, chill and chat while flexing your community NFT is another level of excitement! But above all that, we wanted to build the strongest community in the Solana NFT ecosystem where people can hang out without discrimination and fear of FUD.     1 Event Tags:#Metaverse#Play2Earn#SolanaNFTPlay to earn

Supply : 250
Mint Price : 2.5 SOL

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