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Ended: 16 Mar 2022 21:00

ZenCats is building awareness around the art of mindful living. Using art and technology to build interactive digital journeys and products to allow its holders to obtain and experience such knowledge through interacting with the NFTs. Using the staking and evolving mechanism, holders will have to progress through various stages of zen to reach the ZenMaster stage.As a result, the collection will be be left with 2856 ZenMasters. If you have a ZenMaster NFT, you can access bi-weekly ZenBox drops which come from 50% of the royalty fees gathered. Different virtues of being mindful and aware is integrated into the art and game mechanic allowing holders to overcome anxiety, stress and burnout using an interactive staking-meditating mechanism. Guiding you through small and useful content based on psychiatry and mindfulness to boost our daily activities.     1 Event Tags:NFT

Supply : 2856
Mint Price : 0.1 ETH

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