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Yoseo Pawn Shop

Yoseo Pawn Shop


Ended: 15 Apr 2022 00:00

Pawn Shop Operations Everyone will be able to pawn their NFTs in Yoseo Pawn Shop
The requirements for Pawn Shop:
We will accept only blue chip Nft and other collections that have more then 30 days since sold out , all the accepted Nft collections will be discussed and approved by us and the inner circle after everyones vote. Inside each Pawn Shop we will have galleries with NFT for sale , the incomes will grow from month to month after Pawn Shop Gallery will contain many NFT`s. Huge Banners will be posted in front of Pawn Shops for everyone that wants to advertise in Metaverse for a monthly fee. The Inner Circle is based on 5 gold Nfts and 5 silver ones Holders of Yoseo Pawn Shop.

Supply : 1000
Mint Price : 0.10 ETH

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