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Ended: 02 Mar 2022 00:00

WeedGang is a multi-player on-chain Defi strategy game that combines utility-based NFTs with a tokenomics model and PvP gameplay. Welcome to the Game. In a distant corner of the metaverse, a pixelated man looks out over his rows of tokenized cannabis plants and pulls happily on his pipe. A stream of $RAKS accrues at the base of each staked plant – the rarer plants with more potent smells and vibrant colours accruing faster. ‍ Later, when the plants are ready to harvest, he will unstake them and claim the $RAKS which he will use to try and breed new, rarer strains or buy more PLOTs of land on which to expand his farm. Growing cannabis in the metaverse isn’t all giggles and munchies though. Breeding is a complex and expensive art. Some offspring are highly valuable, but there is always a chance a breed falls apart. ‍ In addition, the legalization of cannabis in the metaverse has led to a booming industry of growers, and an underground industry of Strain Battles. Cannabis plants in the metaverse are a little more lively than their real-world counterparts and growers face them off in PvP battles where the winner takes home the others’ plant.     1 Event Tags:#NFTCommunity#NFTs

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