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We Own Sea Club Sharks

We Own Sea Club Sharks


Ended: 31 Mar 2022 00:00

The W.O.S. Club is a collection of 7,777 Sharks generated with 195 elements and textures inspired by the geek universe, futuristic, and always chic and classy. A collection for Holders and Charity !Fom 5 to 12 character traits each: Background, Shark Skin, Fin Accessory, Eyes, Teeth, Tattoos, Clothing One, Neck Accessory, Clothing Two, Head Accessory, Mouth Accessory and Nose Piercing.Each piece is original, with its own color palette and design. The goal was to make each Shark and Whale unique in order to privilege quality over quantity.All sharks are of exceptional quality and fully 3D, but some are even more rare than others.- Long term roadmap- Burning System (Anti-Price Ground)- 50,000$ for Sea Shepherd + 2nd deal- Gifts for holders (2nd market) + DAO vote- Ultra low gas charges ($2.5 to $15) ERC721A- Quality NFT by 4 greats Designers

Supply : 7777
Mint Price : 0.05 ETH

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