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Ended: 11 Jul 2022 00:00

Your **WATCHMAN GANG NFT**is a symbol of uniqueness in the metaverse , you are the bonafide owner of the NFT in the community, you control the assets and decides the returns of your investment(but there are rules).There is also a reward for each member of the community that *HODL* their NFT. This is just not an *NFT *for flip because the value increases each day. Watchman gang team believes in **LEGACY OVER PROFIT**, hence portion of the returns from this project will be donated to kids with AUTISM ,MERCY SHIP & Breast cancer society.
♦️**PHASE 1**
🦩Launch of the watchman.
🦩Selection of whitelist
🦩Launch of 2,000 watchman NFT
♦️**PHASE 2**
This is now a community of investors, we come together and control our asset. Is a community of successful people who understands each other , we brainstorm about the future of our community our goal is to win together. We will donate 15% to kids with autism, *$10,000to breast cancer society and another $ 10,000 to BCS & 15% for advertisement.
♦️**PHASE 3**
**Holders party**
Holders will decide where to have a celebration party, attended by only **watchmangang**holders..This project is the founders reputation that he is putting it out here , there is no way to sit back and relax , we need to make sure each member of the watchman gang NFT is satisfied. We have to stand out from the multitude.
♦️**PHASE 4**
Holders who HODL above 7months qualify for free NFT in our next project. Addresses will be kept for future confirmation, but before we create any other project we have to make sure all our investors are happy about their investment **HODERS**will get another merchandise after staying faithful and trustworthy to the project .
♦️**PHASE 5**
Investment of asset that holds value. This is absolutely a brainstorming category where holders will decided what to invest in the metaverse.

Supply : 2000
Mint Price : 0.1 ETH