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Ended: 17 Aug 2022 12:00

VoxNinjas are a collection of 2,500 highly skilled agents in the dark arts of digital espionage living silently on the Solana Blockchain.
NFT-Trait to Metaverse conversion via "The Sandbox." Holders will be airdropped unique equipment that they can use or sell in the Sandbox Marketplace.
Unique Clan based lore is designed to empower the entire community. On mint, each VoxNinjas NFT is assigned to 1 of 4 clans: Dragonfly, Koi, Bonsai & Sun. ARG with custom built-in scenarios & artwork allowing each clan to vote on their fate. 
⛩️ **Staking & Tokenomics via Our $VOXN Token**⛩️
Earn $VOXN through “looting” (staking) of your VoxNinjas. Ability to purchase digital metaverse assets within the SandBox at a discounted rate. Purchase exclusive merchandise & collectibles with $VOXN. Automatic access to future project whitelist at a 15% discounted mint cost. Exclusive access to member-only events.
 ⛩️ **COMMUNITY DAO** ⛩️
Community DAO receives 100% secondary market royalties! Royalties to be managed by the "Community DAO" - VoxNinja NFT Holders via "Community Voting System". 
⛩️ **The Black Market** ⛩️
Exchange $VOXN for a raffle ticket for a chance to win VoxNinja NFTs, collaboration whitelists and other exclusive NFT giveaways. The contents and goods will update periodically. Most of the contents posted on the black market will only accept $VOXN as its currency. 
⛩️ **Mutations** ⛩️ Mutations of our VoxNinjas collection. Holders will be airdropped a unique NFT which can then be used to mutate your VoxNinja via our mutation portal.
Mint Count: 2500 / Mint Price: 1 SOL
⛩️ **VoxNinjas NFT**⛩️

Supply : 2500
Mint Price : 1 SOL

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