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Void Runners


Ended: 08 Jun 2022 17:00

Void Runners is a blockchain game of galactic strategy and social deduction. It all starts with the Genesis Fleet, an NFT collection of generative spaceships.
Each Genesis Fleet ship is unique, with on-chain stats determined by its components, and comes with a metaverse-ready 3D asset.
Inspired by 80s and 90s anime, and built by a team of highly-experienced game developers, Void Runners is set in a sprawling sci-fi universe full of stories, strategy and social interaction. A detailed roadmap outlines the unique, on-chain gameplay that will pit players against each other as they load cargo, earn galactic credits and upgrade their ships. Will you defy the rules of the Galactic Trade Authority and risk your profits for a big payday, or play it safe and enjoy an easy buck? Make the wrong choice and another player might swipe your earnings...
As you travel across the Void you’ll face tough choices, make new friends and help write the story of a whole new Galaxy.

Supply : 6250
Mint Price : 0.06 ETH