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Trees With Faces

Trees With Faces


Ended: 31 Mar 2022 22:00

Trees With Faces, TWF!, is a community-driven NFT collection of 9,999 programmatically generated freaking cool trees seeded and living as NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain. Each Tree With Faces is a collectible that has been curated and randomly assembled from over 500k total options, each of them featuring shapes, outfits, faces and other peculiar elements that make each of them cool and rare on their own. Each TWF! is unique and no two are alike. Entering the TWF! world, you don’t only hold an awesome PFP, but also join a family of cool friends in the Metaverse, with incentives like experiences, campaigns, $TREES token, liquidity pool, passive rewards, charity donation and much more. Are you ready?

Supply : 9999
Mint Price : 0.069 ETH