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Spiritual Beings NFT



Spiritual Beings NFT is a collection of 11,111, minting soon on the Ethereum blockchain.
When we came upon the idea of creating an NFT collection, we sensed a need for spirituality to have a place in Web3. The concept of the PFP skeletons featured in the collection comes from the story of the Valley of Dry Bones.
In the story, there are bones scattered all over the valley floor, and through the ‘spirit’ they come together to form complete skeletons. Then muscles and skin formed over the bones and they stood fully formed, but there was no life in them. The spirit called upon the four winds and commanded breath into the bodies and they all came to life and stood upon their feet — a great army.
The story is representative of new life, of hope, restoration, and transformation. It is a visual manifestation of our hope and declaration for our community of holders. Things that feel disjointed and scattered, and even dead, can come together again through the journey of spirituality.
Spiritual Beings is the genesis collection of a whole new ecosystem. The skeleton PFPs will be the OG characters in this new world, ‘Epouranios’, which is a Greek word for the spirit realma place where all spiritual beings and forces (both good and evil) exist. It is another world, another realm, that exists beyond what we can see.
The skeleton PFP will unlock exclusive utility, as the genesis character and collection. The utility will be a bespoke invitation to step into intimate and refreshing experiences where spirituality is discovered and developed, and you leave different from how you came.
Our Heart and our Mission
At the heart of Spiritual Beings is a desire to see people living the very best versions of themselves.
We want this collection to serve as a bridge and connector to people, creating a depth of unity and shared experiences. It is often through experiencing spiritual moments with others, that we form unshakable bonds and deep connections.
Co-Founder, CEO
Jody ChadbanCo-Founder and CEO, is Australian. As Chief of Staff of Boss Beauties and President of My Social Canvas, Jody built the Boss Beauties NFT collection alongside the founders. Jody is passionate about spirituality. The Spiritual Beings NFT collection is born from that passion, “For the past 30 years, I have been crafting and forming communities based on spirituality. I love to see people become the very best versions of themselves, to be all they have been created to be.

Supply : 11,111
Mint Price : TBA ETH

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