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Ended: 28 Feb 2022 00:00

The Space Plants project was created by a team with true passion for NFT and digital collectibles.The idea behind SpacePlants was inspired by the harsh environmental reality around us. Wildlife and plants have had a huge impact on humanity by inspiring our histories, mythologies, languages and how we view the world. But in the past 250 years nearly 600 plant species have gone extinct, and this trend only seems to get worse. So one time we thought “Hey, what if plants could get upset and angry at humanity? What would they do?”. And that’s where the idea of plants leaving Earth in search of a new home was born. In this story of SpacePlants we try to explore a different scenario – what would happen with our green friends in this parallel reality?You may ask, will Plants ever find a new home after leaving Earth? It’s a good question! We’re working on a play2earn game that will become the next chapter of the Space Plants’ story.The 5555 Space Plants NFT were programmatically generated by a random combination of over 220 hand drawn traits (plants, helmets, weapons, clothes, etc), varying by rarity. The style consists of various articles of clothing/weapons/accessories found in the ruins of the future world, assuring that every Space Plants NFT is totally unique!The Space Plants NFT will give you access to an exclusive community with challenges, giveaways and rewards. We will leave a cosmic footprint on the Solana network by building a thriving community through transparency and communication. Become part of our team, explore new planets and travel across galaxies with your personal Space Plants avatar.     6 Event Tags:#NFTlaunch#NFTs #NFT #nftart #nftcommunity #nftcollector #nftdrop #nftartist #nftcollectors #NFTs#SolanaNFT#SolanaNFTs#solanaspacedogs#SpacePlantsnftdrop

Supply : 5555
Mint Price : 1 SOL

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