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Explore-To-Earn SpaceSix is more than an economic ecosystem; It will offer you a new experience of Explore-to-Earn . This planet has four vital zones, where players choose a zone for their experience and income level. One of the most significant differences between SpaceSix and other games is the limited number of lands. In the explore-to-earn business model, the game rewards players for putting time and effort into their game while exploring places and searching for rewards. For example, in SpaceSix, players explore space and go from one planet to another to find precious gems and BNB tokens as an exciting game reward.NFTsThere are numerous aspects of SpaceSix's economic ecosystem that rely on its NFTs, including: • lands • Spaceship parts • Workers • planets • Structures Considering the features of lands at different levels, we realize that there are four types of land in SpaceSix, which we call "zones": Bronze zone, Silver zone, Gold zone, and Dimond zone. Each zone is differentiated according to the duration of daylight, available resources, and access to reward boxes.The final plan of SpaceSix is to launch a multi-blockchain platform on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Polygon, and you can receive your rewards depending on your choice on each platform. As of now, you can only receive or trade your rewards and NFTs on the BSC platform while the SpaceSix multi-blockchain network launches next quarter. You can also join the SpaceSix Discord community and watch the buying process in a video format; in addition, you can contact us directly.

Supply : 1250
Mint Price : 0.3 BNB