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Space Ladies Club


Ended: 25 Feb 2022 00:00

JOIN WHITELIST 7777 unique SLC NFTs charged with glamour, style and counterculture! ATTENTION HUMANS!!!Our team is not promising you the creation of a metaverse, online game, staking, or any other things that you might see in other collections.Our goal is to create a friendly community that decides for itself where to send 30% of all collection sales. Yes, this amount will be sent to the community wallet.If you want to make money reselling your token the next day – this collection is not for you. Go ahead, because there are over 20 new collections released every day and you can pick one to match your taste. We want to build a community where the floor is much more than the mint price. LORE Ever dreamed of having an alien friend? Us too! Our ladies came to Earth from outer space not to colonize but to seek knowledge, study our culture and of course make friends. It happened that they landed to the most glamorous and artsy places all over the globe: LA, Vegas, Abu Dhabi etc and quickly absorbed all they could see. Some of them look downright glamorous and fancy, some of them – punkish. Join SLC to learn more about the Ladies!     2 Event Tags:#NFTCommunity#NFTs

Supply : 7777
Mint Price : 0.06 ETH

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