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Ended: 25 Mar 2022 00:00

This collection of 4000 hand drawn Solar Wolves (SOLF) is Unique! Created by famous designer Damian Augustyniak, Wicked Ape Bone Club and Metal Band Sabaton are some of the famous projects on which Damien has worked as an artist!SOLF Roadmap:Phase.1– Game development started – Marketing started – NFT MintPhase.2– Closed Alpha testing – Utility token release & testing – Public Alpha version release – 25 % of the mint will be invested in Metaverse – Each SOLF NFT holder will be compatible to Vote and let the community decide which plot to buy – The community can decide if they want to rent out the plots or anything else they imagine and think is profitable for NFT Holders and Community – The portal will be purchased in hot high traffic area as the main purpose of the portal is bring Traffic in to SOLF Metaverse (Phase.3) – all the income generated from Portal will be Paid out to SOLF NFT Holders!Phase.3– CLOSED BETA TESTING – PUBLIC BETA RELEASE – SUPPORTING NFT RELEASE – 50% of the mint will be invested to create  Solf Metaverse: – All your ideas regarding SOLF Metsaverse are welcome in #support channel. – Ideas that will be approved by SOLF NFT Holders will be added in SOLF RoadmapPhase.4– NFT Voting for in DAO – Added SOLF Stable Release – Giving back to Solfs! – SOLF Airdrop – Each NFT holder will get an NFT Airdrop, which will allow them to mint the any other NFT that will come from SOLF Community 2nd collection!Make sure to join now and become an early adopter of SOLF also have a chance to get an OG Whitelist spot.

Supply : 4000
Mint Price : 0.3 ETH