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Seoul Stars


Ended: 17 Jun 2022 12:00

Seoul Stars Game is an Online Rhythm (DJ-to-earn) / Karaoke (sing-to-earn) game. The differentiating factor of Seoul Stars Game  lies in the utilization of the Seoul Stars Yuna NFT's as the in-game avatars and utilization of the NFT attributes to unlock associated skills in the game.
Designed by a leading Korean K-pop artist agency, HUMAP, with input from famous K-pop stars, Yuna will eventually be turned into a realistic 3D virtual idol and release her own album and host virtual concerts across the world. Just like BTS and BlackPink, Yuna is going to take the world by storm.
Fans will own a one-of-a-kind scarce digital asset in the form of Yuna NFT, which will grant fans exclusive/discounted access to Yuna’s future albums and concerts on the metaverse, and whitelist to the $SSTAR token which will have benefits from the virtual idol Yuna via the Seoul Stars community wallet. On top of that, holders of Yuna NFTs will have access to the unique Play-to-Earn Seoul Stars rhythm & karaoke game to earn governance tokens ($SSTAR) which will give the token owners exclusive rights to partake in the overall development of Yuna’s identity.

Supply : 10000
Mint Price : 0.05 SOL

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