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SC Ladies NFT

SC Ladies NFT


Ended: 08 Mar 2022 00:00

The first hairdresser of the Metaverse!Now your hair is entrusted to us in the virtual world!In total, 6434 unique SC Ladies will be minted for a fee of only 0.034 ETH for whitelist. There is a special reason why we chose these numbers, SC is a brand born in Istanbul and serving the whole world. We wanted the numbers to represent Istanbul. We choose our mint date as 8 of march which is international woman, we want our NFT’s to be a gift to womans.We have a great roadmap containing SCL token, supporting women entrepreneurs and Airplane lottery (worth $300K).We will use %60 of the revenue for the roadmap! and %10 will be donated to woman shelters.

Supply : 6434
Mint Price : 0.064 ETH