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Safari Academy


Ended: 15 Mar 2022 19:00

Our students from the Safari Academy are true givers, so they set up a roadmap like no other in the whole metaverse!In the Safari Academy you will find the most wholehearted beings in the whole universe and they have only one goal, to make the world a better place! Because of this, they want to help people with a not-so-easy fate and will donate $500.000 to charities! You read that right, half a million dollars! The money will be used to build wells in Africa offering a water source to lots of villages, making sure more people have access to education and healthcare, protecting wildlife and endangered species and much more.But they also think at the people that support this project, giving them lots of prizes, from NFTs, ETH to SuperCars!

Supply : 9999
Mint Price : 0.1 ETH

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