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Rock Apes Club


Ended: 02 Mar 2022 00:00

What is the Rock & Apes Club project? It is a collection of 1000 unique NFTs in the SOLANA network. Each one represents an exclusive member of the Rock Apes Club. Why do we consider that we are a club? The Club concept is because each member benefits as a whole. We are united by 2 passions, NFT and Rock! Why we chose Solana as a platform? The Solana network offers security, stability and most importantly… extremely low fees. Once minted, what is the purpose of the NFT Rock & Apes Club? Club members (Holders) will have the following benefits: Exclusive channel for Holders Assigned role within the Club 25% from the fees tax are distributed monthly among the Holders. Invitation to other Whitelist of future projects and NFTs projects from other collections. Merchandising gifts from your NFT More to come!     2 Event Tags:#NFTs#solana#SolApeLadiesClubapesNFT

Supply : 1000
Mint Price : 1 SOL

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