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Raison D’etre NFT


Ended: 03 Jun 2022 19:00

Raison D'etre is a conceptual and philosophical ideas, explored as NFTs, expressed through 3D visuals and story narrations. Raison D'etre combines the visual style that is often recognized by the NFT commutes alongside with a narration to give depth into each aspect of the design with inspiration from various mediums, ranging from philosophical studies to pop culture. We create characters with a heavy emphasis on artistic expression. The characters are meant to help the project express the aesthetics of a world “plagued” with technology, alongside being artistic representation of various aspects of mankind with the extra points of being a visual aid for the narrative. On top of that, we create a wide range of characters whilst maintaining the exclusivity of each design. The characters are made one-to-one, with all of them having their own unique features to help distinguish itself from another.

Supply : 1000
Mint Price : 150 ADA

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