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Pepo Paradise

Pepo Paradise


Ended: 29 Mar 2022 10:00

UNITING PETS ACROSS METAVERSESPet Pocket Paradise (PEPO Paradise) is a cross-chain Petaverse with a unique “FEED-TO-EARN” mechanic in a Sandbox environment. Additionally, PEPO Paradise unites web3 virtual pets (PEPOs) across different chains and metaverses, and opens up new opportunities for the interactive, interoperable web3 future.We seek to develop PEPO paradise as the most prominent platform for NFT based interactive pets, by actively collaborate and incubate other fun projects to bring PEPO onto other metaverses and vice versa.To kick start the PEPO ecosystem, we are launching the Genesis PEPO : CHEEKS by PEPO. CHEEKS by PEPO is a collection of 3,888 unique NFTs that live on the ETH blockchain.Every CHEEK has unique traits, names and titles. Be the first on PEPO Paradise by participating on the CHEEKS INO!

Supply : 3888
Mint Price : 0.07 ETH