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Party Horses


Ended: 15 Mar 2022 20:00

Party Horses is a collection of 10,000 NFTs on the Ethereum Mainnet. Our vision is to create a future where NFTs create access and special experiences in perpetuity, backed by great art and web3. The Party Horses NFT is an evolving NFT that will generate real-world benefits, from bottles of rare bourbon to exclusive event access.Our highly-anticipated first drop includes tickets to a Kentucky Derby party during the weekend of May 7, in Louisville, the Derby’s annual host city. The party will feature artists you know and love. We are also committed to providing every NFT holder (ages 21+) with the ability to secure a bottle of bourbon through one of our whiskey partners. Learn about our roadmap further below.     1 Event Tags:#NFTdrops#NFTlaunchNFT

Supply : 9500
Mint Price : 0.2 ETH

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