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Pandas Yacht Club (PAYC)


Ended: 26 Apr 2022 19:00

The Pandas Yacht Club (PAYC) is a private collection of 1’999 unique characters, with each Pandas proof-of-ownership stored on the Ethereum network as and ERC-721 Non-Fungible-Token (NFT). The collection offers mixed 2D and 3D NFTs with over 500 Layers in total.
Beyond the unique primate characterization, Pandas Yacht Club has several great reasons why any NFT collector will want to try it out. PAYC presents very promising ROI opportunities planned into its operations, to benefit every PAYC collector and several other things typical to every successful NFT project out there. PAYC will have a chance to claim a limited edition of custom-made Pandas Yacht Club NFT each month. These may be created by our team or in collaboration with a partner.
When do we go public (MINT)?
The Pandas Yacht Club Collection will officially go public on 26th of April 2022. Presale/whitelist members will have access on the 25th of April.
What are the benefits within the roadmap?
Launch Website, Discord and social channels
Reward the growing community (whitelist, special roles, ETH, giveaways…)
Launch presale and public sale of our 1’999 PAYC characters
Grow our community and partnerships
Collaborate with Charity partners
Collaborate with Artists and offer special competitions
Art-Contest and expand Benefits for our holders

Marketing and optimization of the sustainability strategy
Building a Webshop to generate unique PAYC merch
Release the PAYC-FINANCE-AUTOSTAKING token (airdropping token to each PAYC holder)

In Real Life Events for our strong PAYC holders
Building a Play-2-Earn Game with the Pandas Yacht Club characters
We will release our second generation of PAYC, a total of 1’000 unique 3D PAYC characters and airdropping the NFT to all holders of the first PAYC edition. You will need a total of 2 PAYC to breed a 2nd Generation PAYC
The PAYC characters will be available through our official website and smart contract address only. The official smart contract will be provided by our team on launch day in our Discord chat. As soon as you purchase the PAYC, your NFT will be exhibited on your Opensea profile.

Supply : 1999
Mint Price : 0.15 ETH