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Panda Saviors Club


Ended: 17 Mar 2022 00:00

The Panda Saviors Club is a project with one main goal : Save as many animals as possible ! Our first collection will consist of 5000 randomly generated Pandas and we plan to launch another project later this year with other endangered species that will be voted on by our community. A lot of this projects future will be in the hand of our holders. Everybody in this club will be treated equally and with respect. Our main objective after sellout will be to give 100k to WWF which is a non-lucrative organization that helps animals and the environment. If you want to believe in the team and hold the project we would greatly appreciate all of your support. Even if you’re only in for the quick flip no hard feelings, sometimes you gotta take your profits.     2 Event Tags:#NFTcollection#NFTCommunity#NFTdrops#NFTGiveaway#NFTlaunch#NFTsNFTNFT Launchnftdrop

Supply : 5000
Mint Price : 0.06 ETH

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