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Nuigurumi NFT

Nuigurumi NFT


Ended: 03 Nov 2022 00:00

Nuigurumi is a collection of delightfully cute friends living on the ETH network by artist and founder Rushmad. Our vision is to create a delightful family-friendly brand that anyone can enjoy in both the physical and digital worlds. Nuigurumi are universally loved characters who will bring out the values of kindness and bring joy to the world. Along with a fun and adorable piece of art, Nuigurumi owners will have access to our close-knit community, exclusive giveaways, contests, various NFT and WL points to gift with Nuibag, priority in future collections, and more! Our project has always focused on creating delightful arts and building a kind community. This will continue to be a focus for us as we explore more opportunities for Nuigurumi.

Supply : 3950
Mint Price : TBA ETH

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