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Nordia For Future


Ended: 27 Jul 2022 21:00

Nordia For Future is a project consisting of 10,021 NFTs, created by 9 designers who are already experts in their field.
Nordia For Future is out so far the most influential story and collection with variety! That contains Leaders, Commanders, Scientist, Engineers and more.
You could be one of those who will experience NordiaVerse. What we have created is not just a NFT collection, much more... It’s Future !
You will be able to save (hold), develop, build your nordia in our P2E game.
You will embark an eternal adventure with the leader. You can accomplish money-saving tasks and have
fun at the same time. XPs you earn from your missions will be rewarded with coins and you can enjoy it
as a job! You already have your future job... Just imagine!

Supply : 10021
Mint Price : 0.125 ETH