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MVA ( Mysterious Vegan Ape)


Ended: 28 Mar 2022 19:00

Art & Design Team For MV, our design team brings together the best 3D designers who worked on various Netflix productions (e.g. Squid Game) They work as a team to bring out the details of every concept, costume design, and facial expression of MV and MVA. You will be delighted with their fabulous artwork.Producing Team Our producing team members have worked with Kendrick Lamar, BTS, Eminem, Chris Brown, Apple, and HYBE. They have resonated with our vision, to stop cruelty, and pleasantly joined the team. They have created MV-ish, or, MV beats. These masterpieces will take an important role in our metaverse, Mysterious Studio. The upcoming projects include music NFTs, produced by these amazing producers. Enjoy their mishaps!Development Team Our development team is the best at developing blockchain, web, and games. These young bloods are brilliant at rendering out new technologies.They bring up the vision of Mysterious Vegan and the values of Mysterious Studio.Please keep an eye on our development team’s journey for the vision of Team Mysterious. MVA ( Mysterious Vegan Ape)

Supply : 2222
Mint Price : 1.3 SOL

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