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MTV Sharks


Ended: 01 Mar 2022 00:00

Come and join us on the Reef! Papa Shark has hand drawn 3,333 unique Sharks and they are eager to come swim with you. Upon mint you are as free as the Ocean to mint. A max of 33 shark friends can be minted per wallet. Holding Sharks entitles you to an exclusive community of MTV Shark holders. While the roadmap is an ever evolving document, the plans for expansion are as far as the Ocean will take us.For info on this amazing project, come join us on discord. We’ll welcome you with open fins! We love likes and follows. Arrrrr! Website is coming soon.     39 Event Tags:#goodsharknft#uniquehand drawn NFTMTV pioneer

Supply : 3333
Mint Price : 333 SOL

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