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Mitama Mint

Mitama Mint


Ended: 30 Oct 2022 00:00

Community-helping-community, where the act of helping others becomes a Metaverse utility and minters get royalties for life. Yes, if you mint a Mitama NFT you will get royalties every time that NFT is sold, forever. We also offer similar incentives for profitable flips! Mitama Mint is an NFT collection made of Japanese spirits, called Mitama. By using the transparency and accountability of Blockchain technology, we can make the world a better place through charity which will be revolutionized by the introduction of gamification. Community run acts of good will become an important Mitamaverse utility. With a collection that is capped at 10,000 NFTs, including 9,000 NFTs that have a trait that represents a real-world ailment that needs to be addressed. There are a total of 7 traits and a portion of the volume of transactions will be allocated to each trait. The remaining 1,000 NFTs will be traitless and belong to the DAO. The community will decide if / how / when they will be deployed to generate revenue for the DAO treasury. Utility Summary Minters receive royalties for life. Profitable flips receive royalties for the next six sales. 3.4% of Mitama volume goes to charities. The Mitamaverse (currently in development). “Helping Others IRL” becomes a valuable utility in the Mitamaverse, an open Metaverse. DAO member influence is determined by a soulbound rebase token. Mitama NFTs develop an evolution feature. Mitama as interactive Metaverse pets that you can share with open, existing Metaverse platforms, like Decentraland. 3D Animated Genesis NFT collection. Special rewards for long term holders and flippers (up to 6 levels down). Merchandise that will be soft, cute and cuddly, like Mitama. Offline sales in Tokyo have already raised $2,000,000 USD, which will be minted during the Dutch Auction and will draw the attention of on-chain analytics.

Supply : 10000
Mint Price : 0.1 ETH

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