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MetaVerse Society


Ended: 10 Jul 2022 19:00

The MetaVerse Society is a community-driven NFT project that strives to improve the lives of its community members. This project aims to create an ecosystem that meets the needs of future holders. In order to extend the concept of an ecosystem, we will aim to satisfy a wide range of potential holders. This will include collectors, game enthusiasts, passive income lovers, and lottery fans. Having a strong connection with our community will be the key to achieving all the objectives listed above. We will make our holders feel like they are a part of something bigger with MetaVerse Society, so it is going to be the most impressive project out there! We didn't joke when we said we would be a community-driven NFT project. We will conduct voting on our Discord server initially, but we will implement a DAO contract later, allowing our holders to make the final decision in a more professional manner. Whether it's through partnerships with blue-chip companies, buybacks, new collections, bigger rewards for planned events, and more, holders will have a voice in what the community fund is used for. Additionally, we are planning to launch our staking application, as well as our token that will be used as a reward to our holders who decide to stake their NFTs. Both staking application and token will be audited by Certik Audit Company. But that's not all! We will also develop a play-to-earn game in addition to all that. Currently, we are talking to a few companies that could do the job for us. When the time comes, we will let our holders choose where they want us to build the game, the type of game they would like to see, and then, we will collect all the necessary data and contact the chosen company. This is just a brief overview of what we will do. There are so many things we are planning that words cannot describe them. We would be glad to have you along on our epic trip.

Supply : 8888
Mint Price : 0.13 ETH

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