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Ended: 08 Mar 2022 23:00

Nearly a Century ago, Two communities Inhabited the MetaPharm Universe. Separated by the Mountain of Millenia, Lived two communities with a longstanding history of hatred for each other.The MetaThieves, Who occupy the city of Thieveland…. And the MetaPigs who occupy the city of Porkville.
One day an asteroid struck the Mountain of Millenia, completely leveling the nearby land, creating a valley filled with radioactive matter lodged between the nearby mountain ranges.
When the asteroid debris cleared the air, both the pigs and thieves gained sight of the brand new landscape available on which they could use to rebuild, expand, and revive their communities...The asteroid created radioactive soil that was in close access to the thieves. Produced from the radioactive soil were seeds that the thieves discovered, when refined, could be formed into a potent and lucrative drug. With this discovery, the thieves began to claim and conquer the new land at a pace that would surely make the pigs become obsolete and possibly even vanish from society.
Facing the brink of extinction, the pigs were left with no choice. A community with dreams of once becoming a utopia was now living in a dystopia that had only one way out... War!The Battle of Millenia had Begun.

Both sides jumped into action to fortify their pharms, beef up their weapons, Strengthen their armor, plan strategic attacks, and train new soldiers.

No one knew who would prevail in the end, but one thing is certain: one side would perish while the other empire reigned.Now the King Pig and King Thieve Invites You to join the battle of Millenia.

Supply : 13000
Mint Price : 125 USD

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