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Ended: 19 Jul 2022 20:00

METAKAMI - Community-focused Founder & Creative Director with a passion to make a difference.
May is an anime/manga geek and freelance UI/UX designer. Prior to designing websites and apps, May was a financial analyst for several years before deciding to pursue a career with more creative freedom. The empowerment that NFTs and Web3 provides artists inspired her to rally the all-artist METAKAMI team to build a community-driven manga. Hoping to bring back control to Manga readers and give them a choice to craft their own journey, May aims to reward the readers who took part in this journey with The METAKAMI Manga.
May is also a huge animal lover and an active supporter of a local animal sanctuary in Thailand. She hopes to leverage the power of Web3 by connecting the community with a storyline that highlights real-world issues and its impact on the hyperreality of 3022.
May is a strong advocate for female entrepreneurs: she aims to become an empowering voice for Asian women and other underrepresented figures in the crypto and NFT space, fulfilling her legacy as a board member of the Marshall Women’s Leadership Board at USC.

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