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Lunar Colony Alpha


Ended: 03 Mar 2022 22:00

LCA is a generative artwork collection of 10,000 hand drawn Alphabot NFT’s dwelling in the digital realm. All secured by the Ethereum blockchain and dedicated to a cosmic mission. Their aim – to lay the foundations of a digital meta-city.About What is Lunar Colony Alpha?Lunar Colony Alpha, or LCA, is a community-driven project, which marks the beginning of the M00N City DAO – a digital meta-city built and ruled by its citizens. 10,000 unique Alphabots NFTs are waiting for their owners to join them on a m00n mission to establish the foundations of the first-ever M00N City.The Alphabot ownership gives you the opportunity to be part of decision-making process and shape the project’s future development. The price is the same for everyone – each Alphabot token costs 0.08 ETH (+gas) and owners acquire the commercial usage rights over their NFTs.Staking Alphabots earns you LUNAR tokens.With project’s progress and LCA community approval, we’ll be working to add future utility to the LUNAR token, such as:Minting Customizing NFTs Destruct or seal traits Curating your own idea (check M00N City’s Documentation) Proposal of the LUNAR tokenomics can be found at     1 Event Tags:#NFTCommunity#NFTs

Supply : 10000
Mint Price : 0.08 ETH

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