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Lovelace Estates

Lovelace Estates


Ended: 18 May 2022 18:00

Our first drop of 2222 Raw Land nfts on the Cardano Blockchain, is our representation of the beauty of our world, both in real life and in the digital world.
Lovelace Estates is an inspiring nft project on the Cardano blockchain. Our goal is to become a positive contributor to the Cardano community and develop a platform in which to better the world and the people in it. To that end, we will start with 3 separate nfts in three different stages. In addition, as each stage sells out, we plan to make special air drops along the way leading to our ultimate goal Lovelace Universe. We hope to release something special and exciting and hope you are just as thrilled as we are. Until then we will be creating and working toward our goals.
Like most small projects we have big dreams and ambitions, but realistic expectations. As a small team we will not run but walk toward our goals in stages to help ensure our success, we are not looking to chew this elephant in one byte. We are not a project offering unrealistic expectations such as building the ultimate metaverse, that is not our goal. There is much more to the virtual world than what one thinks of as the metaverse. There is more to our future than video games. What we are is a motivated team with great ideas and we plan on bringing them to the community. We are early, we are all early.

Supply : 2222
Mint Price : 55 ADA

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