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Ended: 28 Feb 2022 00:00

THE STORY Planet earth, year 2100. The deterioration of every fiat currency over the last century, making it useless as means of exchange, caused a global crisis – societies, nearly at an end, were about to lose hope for mankind until… until they finally accepted that cryptocurrencies are the only remedy to safe the social structure from shattering. A brave collective of 11,111 cryptocurrency miners gathered, ready to salvage humanity. Accompanied by chants of every person, the selfless miners, known as the “LEAGUE OF MINERS”, began to save the world. And so, the legend begins.ABOUT LEAGUE OF MINERS We are “League Of Miners” – a DeFi focused NFT company with a long-term plan. With our genesis NFT collection “League of Miners” we want to set the course for a strong brand. We plan to invest a large proportion of sales into Ethereum stake pools and other blockchains, to hope for an ongoing influx of funds for continuous development.CUSTOMIZED MINERS TO MAKE EACH ONE UNIQUE Every League of Miner NFT is randomly constructed with a variety of traits. An algorithm ensures that every NFT will be unique. Every NFT is rare, as we only have 11,111 NFTs in the collection, but some traits are rarer than others.1. HATS & HAIRCUTS Mining hat, Halo, Wizard, Afro, Horns, Flames, Crown, Army Hat, Cowboy Hat, Sailor, Punk, Curly, Short Hair, Bold2. EYES & GLASSES Robot eyes, Terminator, Angry, Laser, Steam Punk, Pimp, Blind Fold, VR, Hypnotic, Stoned, Zombie3. MOUTH Normal, Dagger Mouth Chewing, Joint Gas Mask, Bandana, Closed Mouth, Golden Teeth4. HANDS & GADGETS E-Scooter, Metal Detector, Bird Cage, Gas Lamp, Pride Flag, Dynamite, Pick, Bazooka, Pressure Hammer, & more5. CLOTHES Royal Coat, Bomber Jacket, Wizard Coat, Sailor Shirt, Hacker Hoodie, Muscel Shirt, Pride Shirt, Punk Jacket & more6. SKIN & TEXTURE Robot, Black, Coal, Lava, Old Denim, Gold, Diamond, Stone, Zombie, Brown, Cream, Dirt, White     2 Event Tags:#NFTCommunity#NFTlaunch

Supply : 11111
Mint Price : 0.08 ETH

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