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Ended: 26 Feb 2022 00:00

The 26th of february i am launching my first collection ‘Landscapes’.The landscape series was created over the last 4 years. Parenthood, toxic work relations and mental health issues inspired this series. An everchanging landscape reflecting moods or moments. A 15 piece collection ranging through anger, guilt, reflection and redemption. A personal story through color and shapes. Taking the viewer through a series of midnight reflections, anti-depressant numbness, the joys parenthood, struggling with somatic syndrome disorder, tinnitus and anxiety attacks. All of the above resulted in a burnout in the middle of an pandemic adding more pressure. Unable to pull the breaks continuing this cycle of self-abuse till loved ones intervened. Every piece is titled with it’s own theme leaving it up to the viewer to fill in the blanks. 3AM, Burnout, Changing, Citalopram, Goldenrod, Gone, Greed, Horizon, Integration, Libido, Momentum, Needs, Recovery, Relapse and Weight.The collection consists of 15 pieces, each limited to a number of 5. All images are created in Cinema4D and rendered 3000×3000 px.I’m a Digital Designer based in The Netherlands, ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Working in advertising since 2008, my career spans multiple agencies, the last 2,5 years i worked fulltime at Persuade, one of The Netherlands biggest agency awarded with the industries highest awards. Working for some of the biggest brands in The Netherlands. My work consists of 3D design, graphic design, concepting and small copy. Some of the projects involved creating own perfumes, sneakers and clothing lines.All (upcoming) work have been personal projects and since 2021 i’m preparing to start releasing my own work expanding to bigger collections and sharing these with the (NFT) world. Slowly i will be expanding my projects, Discord, Instagram en my own website trying to build an community.My work can be found here: Opensea: My instagram: Website:     4 Event Tags:#color3dshitcinema4dhigh colorpixelsrender

Supply : 75
Mint Price : 0.05 ETH

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