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Labyrinthine Unreal


Ended: 20 May 2022 14:00

Gear up for your in-game journey with our interactive 3-D rendered Initiation Masks. Our specially varied collection of 7110 masks is generated from a set of over 30 uniquely designed historical masks, and each contains a unique combination of elements, granting different skills and abilities to their owners.Holders will be able to claim a free plot in later stages of the game. There will not be a separate land sale, you must own a mask to claim one.We chose masks as a central theme because of their varied uses in ancient and tribal rituals. The masks’ designs and meanings are informed by anthropological masks and their uses around the world, from African Guro dance and Dan tribal masks of the Ivory Coast to Japanese Samurai or Oni Demon masks to those used on the Day of the Dead rituals (Dia de los Muertos) in South America or the strikingly colorful and frisky Venetian carnival masks.These genesis assets are the players’ tickets into the Alpha Stage of Labyrinthine Unreal, and each one holds a unique digital fingerprint to unlock specific areas within the game. For those who cannot afford one, we are launching a game demo shortly after the sale. Three winners will be rewarded each with a mask from our collection.

Supply : 7110
Mint Price : 0.15 ETH