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Ended: 05 Jun 2022 12:00

300 Limited 1:1 NFT Collection
Created by famous artist Melony White
100% Handmade + Physical Wooden Copy of NFT + Charity Mission
Giveaways among buyers: 
Oculus Quest 2 
iPhone 13 Pro 
RTX 3070 
WL and NFTs from 2nd 10.000 collection (coming soon)
 KoN-KoN project is a union of digital reality and traditional craftsmanship. It’s a bridge between NFT-art and non-tokenized painting. The project was created in 2021 by an international team of 4 NFT-enthusiasts headed by Melony White.
Our art is a transfer of hand-drawn wooden KoN-KoN figurines to the world of blockchain. The characters are inspired by children’s drawings. We create improved graphical copies of physical KoN-KoN using hand redrawing. People from anywhere in the world are able to get both the token and the original physical version.
We will ship our KoN-KoNs all over the world and create a new page in the history of NFT culture.
Originally we wanted to invest our net profit in teaching NFT culture to children and their parents and build a knowledge base for tomorrow’s young NFT artists.
We are creating our educational product for children. But now we have a first priority mission. We help families and children who need support as soon as possible.
We want to help them build their bright future. Directly, without funds. We have our charity ambassadors in 3 countries: Ukraine, Congo, and Cambodia.
And we sincerely want to know the people we help and want to share their stories with you. 
Friends of peace for kindness.
Friends of peace for art.
Friends of peace for love. 

Supply : 300
Mint Price : 0.1 ETH

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