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Just Foxes Club

Just Foxes Club


Ended: 08 Oct 2022 17:00

A bunch of adorable Foxes here to take over the Solana ecosystem. We are a community-driven project with only one vision. To become the very best in this space.Roadmap 1.0 Utility:PHASE 01 -Ecosystem & Community Building -Launch Multi-Channel Marketing Campaign -Launch Genesis Foxes NFT Collection PHASE 02 -Listing On Secondary Marketplaces -Distribution of all Prizes -Release Rarity System and Sale Tools PHASE 03 -Buyback & Reinvestment Pool -Launch Website -NFT Staking PHASE 04 -$FOXES Tokens Staking -Listing $FOXES on DEX & CEX ExchangesTO BE CONTINUED ...

Supply : 666
Mint Price : 0.05 SOL

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