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Just Cats Club


Ended: 08 Mar 2022 00:00

Just Cats Club is a collection of 10 000 adorable cats living on the Ethereum blockchain, generated using 200+ unique attributes.In the modern world, humanity is increasingly beginning to pay attention to the personality, the feelings of people and their condition. Our team was inspired by all our favourite cats, who, like no one else, know how to combine relax, relax and relax in life. Our Just cats.WHAT MAKE OUR PROJECT DIFFERENT?#1. Just Cats Club NFT is an art by itself, but it is also a key to the priority of getting Custom Just Cats Art. Custom Just Cats number is limited to 1K. Every Custom Just Cats Art will be created in collaboration with the owner and become part of the Custom Just Cats collection.#2 All Just Cats Club owners will have exclusive access to our merch shop with the possibility to invite up to 3 friends/NFT.#3 What’s next? A lot! Collaborations, events, community-driven book release, Metaverse club opening! $JCATC Token? Why not? We welcome our NFT owners to discuss our plans.     3 Event Tags:#cats#collectibles#NFTcollection#NFTdrops#NFTlaunch#NFTs#OpenseaNFT

Supply : 10000
Mint Price : 0.03 ETH

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