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Jeffrey The Dude

Jeffrey The Dude


Ended: 17 Apr 2022 19:00

WHO'S JEFFREY? Well, he’s a giraffe. That’s pretty clear. But that’s not all, actually. If you could look behind that irreverent psycho look and the self-centered soul of Jeffrey, you may notice much, much more. Something like an idea, a concept that becomes a status quo - or more specifically, a brand.    A BRAND? Indeed, Jeffrey is a decentralized brand, whose ownership is represented by each of the 5432 Jeffrey NFTs, on Ethereum Blockchain. This means that each owner of a Jeffrey NFT is also owner of a part of the whole brand: this gives great power - and as always, with great power comes great responsibility!   A DREAM. Not joking. At all. Could look as a daydream, but you've never been so close to reality. Each Jeffrey NFT owner earns from brand revenues and plays an active role in its growth: voting, accelerating its evolution with brilliant ideas and inspiring collaborations, working and proposing changes closely with other members of the community. Jeffrey will be yours, forever. Ethereum blockchain says so. Jeffrey The Dude

Supply : 5432
Mint Price : 0,225 ETH

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