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Ended: 26 Feb 2022 00:00

Internet Made is, as we like to label it, an artificial fashion atelier bringing together artists, designers and creatives to express themselves in a whole new way. Our slogan is ”playing with reality” as a lot of our pieces cannot be replicated in real life. In February 2022 we will be releasing our genesis collection, which will consist of 9,999 NFTs – avatars or figurines. These will grant you access to our IM ecosystem (clothing, wearables, fashion accelerator, IM events & more). Simplest way to put it, is that we are a fashion brand who is starting out in the digital world, instead of physical. Our long-term goal are IM wearables as NFTs, that will be in-game, metaverse and irl clothes. For more information about us visit our website     2 Event Tags:#InternetMadeNFT

Supply : 9999
Mint Price : 0.15 ETH

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