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Ended: 25 Jun 2022 19:00

IguVerse is an innovative Play to Earn social-network game which aims to socialize pet owners using Blockchain technologies. Get your NFT pet and compete with other players to earn rewards for your everyday social media activity
Social media has the ability to spread interesting things very fast. We have seen a lot of social media games built on Facebook and other platforms, where players spend a lot of money to play and interact with others. As a result of the recent Instagram + TrustWallet collaboration, IguVerse will be fully compatible with newly released features, such as letting NFT owners share their art directly in the platform. The biggest advantage of our concept is that players will cooperate and interact on social media with each other, which will lead to the big popularity and demand for the game. Blockchain economic design unlocks the ability to have complex player-owned economies and reward players who are able to reach advanced levels of skill.
Participants will be playing the modern adaptation of the Hide and Seek game on social media platforms like Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, Facebook, and Telegram. While one player “hides” his pet's unique code in stories or posts, others try to seek the code and input it into the system as fast as possible. The seekers will compete in speed and earn rewards based on their stats.
How to play
- Mint NFT from your pet or buy virtual one
- Generate a unique Pet ID
- Share it with your audience
- Allow other players to find your pet
- Look for others unique Pet ID codes
- Match with other players, compete and engage in social media
- Enjoy rewards in our token
Every character in our game has unique stats. Stats will define how much reward could be earned by the Player for performing different tasks. More detailed game mechanics description can be found in our Whitepaper

Supply : 1000
Mint Price : 0.04 BNB

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